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Lance Rhoades is pastor, church planter and entrepreneur. He was dramatically touched by God as a teenager and moves under a strong prophetic mantle. Lance has been called a modern day mystic by many. His heart is to see the world reached with the message and the power of God. Pastor Lance utilizes technology to train and release disciples all over the world. He has devoted his life to helping people embrace the supernatural in order that they might be set free from negative spiritual forces influencing their lives.

Skype : lancecrhoades
Phone : 412-567-5002
Email : me@lancerhoades.com
Website : www.lancerhoades.com

Tree of Life Open Bible Church

Pittsburgh, PA

Reaching Oakland

Lance and Amanda planted a church in the Oakland community of Pittsburgh in 2005. Tree of Life has existed to be a safe place for many in the Pittsburgh community who would never step foot into a traditional church. Utilizing unique ministry approaches, Lance and Amanda have pastored this thriving community of faith to become an oasis of peace and hope for many in the surrounding area.

Tree of Life Open Bible Church hosts variety of events and outreaches throughout the year including events with well known ministers such as Heather Clark, Patricia King, Kent Henry, David Ruis and many others!

Church : 412-475-8733
Email : lance@reachingoakland.com
Website : www.reachingoakland.com
Adresse : 54 Bates St | Pittsburgh PA 15213.

Worship Music


Prophetic Music

Lance leads a team of worship leaders at Tree of Life Open Bible Church. Lance's style paints a unique picture on modern and traditional songs while digging deeper into prophetic worship and prayer. Oftentimes, most songs are made up on the spot, speaking a direct prayer to God in that moment.

Lance serves regularly as a leader in the Pennsylvania Houses of Prayer as well as serves as a board member or advisor to Voice of the Bride, The Altar International House of Prayer of Meadeville, and The Philadelphia Tabernacle of David.

Skype : lancecrhoades
Phone : 412-475-8733
Email : lance@reachingoakland.com
Website : www.ReachingOakland.com
Adresse : 54 Bates St | Pittsburgh PA 15213.

Kairos Media

Web Design, Email Marketing, Social Media, and More!


Lance helps small and large businesses understand how to navigate the waters in this digital environment surving as a consultant or designer for hundreds of projects. Lance owns Kairos Media, LLC who helps support clients with marketing strategies and web sites to break them into this new digital era.

Skype : lancecrhoades
Phone : 412-567-5002
Email : lance@icreatekairos.com
Website : www.icreatekairos.com

Dream Interpretation

Digital School and In Person Training

Understand Your Dreams

After spending ten years studying dreams and dream interpretation, Lance wrote a school of study for dream interpretation that has been made available online and is used around the world to help people understand their dreams better.

The dream interpretation school is entirely in digital format and available for download at www.dreamingdreams.net

Email : lance@dreamingdreams.net
Website : www.dreamingdreams.net